Wednesday, August 05, 2009

For your procrastinating pleasure

Here's what I've been wasting my internet time on this past few weeks.


I've always wanted to know how to photograph fireworks, especially when you can get results like this awesome picture.


I tend to come across lots of dinosaur stuff, including useful pointers on why you really should keep your T. rex off crack, a case of some dinosaur revisionism and this, frankly confusing, t-shirt. I also find this simple joke quite amusing.


If you haven't already come across it, I really like the idea of this wedding entrance. Some more creativity comes into play in a performance of 80's classic Africa and finally there was this darkly comic animated feature, Billy's balloon. I also recommend checking out the art of this guy.


First up is this cool toilet paper experiment. That nice chap Bill Gates has also purchased and made freely available these Richard Feynman lectures. Then you can make friends with your glands.


Despite being a throwback to the early part of the internet age animated gifs still seem to be going strong, my favourite being this one. One wonders what the elephant makes of it. I enjoyed several of these workplace training videos. Ten is probably the funniest, number four is just wrong (who says such things?) and two is perhaps painfully true. However, I found this collection of 1950's propaganda to be more disturbing than funny. For those with a non-PC sense of humour this garage door opener should appeal, although I much preferred the Wayne's World echoing twist to this fast food folk song. Finally this "remix" of an NWA classic is just awesome.


One of the joys of this internet age is that the powerbase of the world is shifting ever more towards the geeks of this world. I found this short talk by the guy who brought you captcha (you'll know what it is when you see it) to be really interesting. Although this vision of the future of dating may be less encouraging. Finally, this really appealed to my sense of humour.

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