Friday, April 03, 2009


Greetings (y')all. It's been a while since I've put something up here, partly because of moving to a new city and new job, but also because my internet time has been dominated by a new obsession, namely "stumbling". If you haven't tried it yet I recommend it. Here's what I've learnt so far:

1) According to Leviticus, I should really be allowed to own a Canadian.

2) The Japanese have some have odd ideas about Obama.

3) Despite what you may have heard, paper can actually be folded 12 times.

4) My knowledge of the states could be worse.

5) There is such a thing as library porn. (I must confess, I am a fan.)

6) A best man can really ruin a wedding.

7) Kids really shouldn't be allowed to use the internet for their homework.

8) True random numbers can be gotten if you really want them.

9) The Tauntaun sleeping bag may become a reality.

and, 10) I have some new tips for indulging in my my favourite pastime.

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Currently I am founding member, president elect and entire membership of SWEMP (the Society of Wonky-Eyed Macroevolutionary Palaeobiologists). In my spare time I get paid to do research on very dead organisms and think about the really big questions in life, such as: What is the ultimate nature of reality? Why is there no room for free will in science? and What are the implications of having a wardrobe that consists entirely of hotpants?