Tuesday, September 01, 2009

You can tell I was going to be a palaeontologist...

Something from my misspent youth this time. As kids my siblings and myself hit upon the great idea of producing a calendar as a Christmas present for our grandparents, quite probably because it was cheap. Basically we decided on a theme and then got drawing (in pencil first, then inking in later so that our dad could photocopy it at work). I suspect I had a pretty big hand in picking the 1994 theme (see below), the fact that Jurassic Park came out in 1993 was surely a coincidence. Anyway, as this resurfaced recently I thought I'd scan it in and post it here for posterity.

The front cover Pretty sure I've just copied these from JP merchandise:

January Pfft! This is clearly a Deinonychus...:

February We even ripped off the JP typeface for the months:

March An interesting mutant:

April Proof that randomly including Dimetrodon in dinosaur books does confuse kids:

May Apparently Toyota landcruisers were always associated with dinosaurs...:

June Obviously I didn't have great editorial control:

July Well it is the party month:

August Here we erect a new species:

September A reconstruction worthy of Waterhouse:

October Are those feathers?:

November Nice to see our notes section got used:

December It's all been building up to this:

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