Monday, November 16, 2009

Just some webcomic links

Ages ago I started preparing another post of stuff I found on Stumbleupon, but it got ludicrously large and unwieldy so I've broken it up instead. These are some of the webcomics that I find amusing/interesting/thought provoking etc. Enjoy!:

  • This little piggy went into, um, well see for yourself (not exactly a comic).
  • I mostly don't get The Warehouse but this really appeals to my - no doubt autistic - sense of humour.
  • Apparently only men can be sexist. Ok, it's silly, but it amused me.
  • The undisputed champion of the webcomic (at least for geeks like me) has to be xkcd and this is just one of the many that I have enjoyed. (Brings back fond memories of childhood when I built my own sewer out of cardboard and toilet roll tubes for my figures to play in.)
  • I have always felt that marking off the days since the moment of birth is a somewhat arbitrary measure of a lifespan and this somewhat encapsulates this.
  • Two great novels on dystopian futures battle it out in this really thought provoking comparison between Orwell and Huxley. I am yet to read 1984, but it looks like I've read the more terrifying one.
  • Not exactly a comic, but a pretty accurate description of meetings.
  • Ever wondered what the truth about opticians is?
  • Another one from xkcd, I admit it took a bit of thinking for me to get this. Definitely one for the statisticians amongst you.
  • I enjoyed this lampooning of a certain magazine. Some of the covers are just priceless.
  • Here is a perfect retort to the kid who wants to grow up too soon.
  • I always like scientific jokes such as this entomological one.
  • I had to finish with one from my favourite comic of all time: Calvin and Hobbes. No doubt my readers will already be familiar with it, but it will always be worth revisiting and this strip perfectly encapsulates the thoughtful, funny and beautiful nature of Bill Watterson's work. Warning: it may bring a tear to your eye.

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