Sunday, October 03, 2010

Bibliophile links

Just some link-blogging this time.

Here is yet more library porn, and I have now discovered bookshelf porn (more here).

No discerning bibliophile can be without these awesome bed sheets.

I'm not sure if i agree with this list of authors and the people who read them.

Here is a useful web app to help you read at speed.

Here is a bibliophilic origin for a theological construct!

An interesting video diary of a disappointed book.

I feel rather embarrassed that I never knew about the story of Hay-on-Wye.

Here is the coolest ever library information desk.

The book as technology.

Finally here are not one, but two important pieces of advice. (I can honestly say I've adhered to the latter, I'm probably safe from the former.)

Well that's it for now, but I am looking forward to a bibliophilic pilgrimage I have planned for next month with The Oregon Trail to the world-famous Powell's. I have wanted to go there for at least a couple of years and will finally be proximal enough with a post-GSA trip.


Rachel said...

That list of stereotypes by authors is crap - what do monkeys have to do with Terry Pratchett? There are no monkeys in his books! I don't think she's read all those authors.

Those libraries are so beautiful! I hope one day to have a house with a library. With a big comfy leather chair in front of a fireplace.

Malacoda said...

Me too. I've always liked the idea of a tall circular library with a ladder on rails and probably a skylight.

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